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Emily is a stay-at-home mom and her husband, Dan, is a design engineer. With two boys in middle school to care for, they each purchased term policies through InsureNOW Direct. According to Emily, it couldn’t have been simpler.

"Buying life insurance through InsureNOW Direct was so easy! Our agent made the process simple. He was professional and warm. It was a huge pleasure working with him.

I like that InsureNOW Direct shops around to find you the best price. If I had to buy life insurance on my own, that’s how I’d do it. They operate with your best interests in mind."

Emily, 36, from Indianapolis, Ind

Lei and his wife recently purchased a home in Boston, and plan to have children soon. He bought a term life policy to cover his mortgage and to provide protection for his wife and elderly parents.

“I’m a statistician so I know probability. You don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. If you have a family and you’re starting to build wealth, you need life insurance.

Getting life insurance through InsureNOW Direct was a good decision. My agent was friendly, informative and knowledgeable. He answered all of my questions right away, even emailing me late at night. That builds up your confidence in making a purchase. I’m very happy with the product he got me and the price I paid.”

Lei, 34, from Boston, Mass.

Michael, a husband and father of two, is a pilot for one of the major airlines. His wife is a hotel manager and the couple recently decided to invest in a new hotel. Their bank required them to purchase life insurance policies in the amount of the construction loan. Michael was concerned that he might not qualify for coverage because he’s a cancer survivor, but InsureNOW Direct eased his concerns and got him covered.

“My agent was very knowledgeable. He asked all the right questions about my health history. He didn’t waste any time. He got right to the point and helped me get the policy I needed to cover my business loan.

I ended up paying one third of what someone else quoted me.” 

Michael, 52, from Grand Rapids, Mich.

Michael, a hardware store owner, is a married father of two. He and his wife have several life insurance policies to protect their family. Michael recently applied for a SBA loan to help grow his business, and he was told that in order to get approved he would need a new life insurance policy in the amount of the loan. That’s when he turned to InsureNOW Direct.

“I needed life insurance within 4 days. I found InsureNOW Direct by Googling ‘quick life insurance’ and I couldn’t be more pleased. InsureNOW Direct is with you 110% of the time. The agent who helped me was great. He built a personal relationship with me. He gave me frequent updates. He even gave me his cell phone number and told me that I could call him anytime, day or night. I would absolutely recommend InsureNOW Direct to a friend.”

Michael, 37, from Minneapolis, Minn.
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